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Feb 6, 2013 7:30am EST
is determined to do. >> one of my constituents has learned that when the bedroom tax is introduced she will have 24 pounds a week to live on. she is so anxious about how she's going to manage. she is having cognitive behavior therapy. but her anxiety is totally understandable. does the prime minister agree with me that those who should be receiving the cognitive behavior therapy are the ones, namely his ministers, who think she could live on 24 pounds? >> i think the party opposite does have to address the fact that for 13 years in government they were perfectly content to have a housing benefit system for people who lived in private sector housing where there was no extra benefit for empty rooms. and i cannot understand why they count it unfair to have one rule for people who have the benefit of socializing with logan and another one for people in private sector accommodation. week after week the labour mps and the labour leader comes here of posing this benefit change, that benefit change, and everything we do to deal with the mess that they left. and then tell they can learn that they have to
Feb 8, 2013 6:00am EST
. this is what has enabled us to cross borders to have a single currency and the euro to set up a tax on financial transactions. this is enhanced cooperation. it's open to everyone. everyone who wants to come on board. and one day perhaps we can all gather around this principle, and this year, the european parliament will have a big part to play because by means of its scrutiny it will ensure that the whole thing hangs together. i, too, want to make europe more comprehensible. i call for budget integration, tax integration, social integration. it's of there. it calls for stronger political union. because otherwise it will be too weak. in other words, we need a eurozone government. we need new financial instruments to enable us to take action on a budget for the eurozone, which links up to the budget of the european union, and all of that must be subject to the scrutiny of the european parliament, and national parliament, too. i hope that next year's european elections will be a time for a great debate on the future of europe, which will enable us to decide what policies we want to con
Feb 5, 2013 6:00am EST
not pay benefits or taxes, that people may not ask for this, employees may not ask for this. it's really uncharted territory. and, of course, there are abuses that we, some of them we read about in the media and i'm sure many others we don't. and the big picture, as maureen mentioned, this is one of the fastest growing areas in the economy, caregiving. the baby boomers just started turning 65, that's a huge demographic movement in the economy that will drive this industry, and yet you have wage pressures all around for home health ailds in particular. much of the funding comes from medicaid, the government. we know the budget pressures there. and the individual employers' side you have budget pressures because it's not just caregivers, but other people in increasingly low-wage jobs. just to put some numbers on what maureen mentioned, 21% of job losses during the recent reis session but 58% of new jobs in the recovery. so how can domestic work, largely unregulated, provide not just job, but decent jobs that will keep these workers out of poverty, or what are the challenges and opportuniti
Feb 7, 2013 6:00am EST
in taxes to cover what they would be using in the way of social services. um, and we don't have -- we're thinking, you know, tens of billions of dollars a year additional, um, if we were to legalize the entire population, um, as has been proposed. >> thank you. yield back. >> thank you. ms. vaughn, i was reading your testimony, and it says that i.c.e., mr. crane's agency, had arrested 27,600 gang members in the past eight years? does that sound about right to you, mr. crane? >> that might be what they have stats on, but i would say that it's probably far higher than that. we have all kinds of folks that we encounter in jails and prisons, and they don't make any bones about gang -- >> so we have 11.5 million immigrants and more than 27,000 of them have been arrested for being gang members? >> yeah. not all of them are illegal immigrants. some of them are people that we've given green cards too, but they're still removable. some of them have temporary protected status, for example. >> okay. >> it is -- >> noncitizens. >> yes. >> okay. i noticed, you know, i was doing some calculation, i
Feb 1, 2013 6:00am EST
before you begin increased taxes. it doesn't make sense. medicare is not a cheap program and we all forget this. when you go into medicare you're paying to such a premiums if you're a couple. you are paying two sets of medigap coverage. you're paying two sets of part d coverage. just straight up monthly expenses for health care as delay dramatically at a time when you have probably a fixed income and less opportunity to increase the income in the future. i think we have to be very careful when we look at the beneficiary impact of changes and we need to really understand what we are talking about and how it's going to impact people. the cost sharing in medicare is very high, and so to increase those costs on people is a difficult thing to do. raising the age, all these things go together, and so i worry if we look at them in isolation you can miss some of the problems that happen. >> dana had a thought. >> i can't help but draw the parallel to the commercial side, where we have had for years efforts to try to get health care spending under control by dealing with the benefit side, by
Feb 5, 2013 2:00am EST
it is and it is important. the european council is now moving on. when we didn't support the tax of [inaudible] , because their implications, yet the first meeting, it was the first item on the agenda. the countries that supported this could get out of. i think during this current time, we need to start the negotiations for free trade between the eu and the u.s. the greatest trading block on earth, which is the european union, and the united states will be able to understand how this can happen. the u.s. will become an exporter of energy with the changes that have happened there. we need much more focus ourselves. at the end of the day, it is always about jobs and that means injecting growth into european economies as a result of jobs that are being created for millions of young people across tiernan and give them hope and inspiration and motivation that politics actually >> one of the things that we should be doing, is to pick the low hanging fruits, and they are out there. we could finalize the trade agreements. we are hopeful that this is what we should be doing. we were so eager to finalize this. why
Feb 6, 2013 2:00am EST
? to me it is -- i campaigned on a suicide mission to reform reform. and dre and do tax every meeting, i would talk about those things and those things ony. -- only. i am still here. >> in answer to that question, i was in a meeting in september of home.t mark warner's alan greenspan was there. do aid, why don't you something big on this fiscal challenge? are you going to do it before or after the bond market crashes and it will crash. he was not known for hyperbole. it struck me that the former chair of the federal reserve was saying you're facing an impending crisis and you are going to need to deal with it. are you going to deal with it before it hits or after? the answer is -- i want to deal with the problem before it becomes a crisis. we need to build trust necessary to find the solutions now. it is too late when there is a crash. >> in the back. >> i am emily from a technical school in massachusetts. what can i help my country to create? to make more problem solving happen? >> stay in school. your being here is really fabulous. the energy we will need is coming from young people
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7